We also specialize in custom design. From a simple solid wood faceplate to designing a complete system from the ground up including building components into an equipment rack. If you want it, and it's audio related, we've either already done it or we can do it.
Remote Controls   Off Grid Battery Power   Solar Powered   Supercaps PSU   Capacitor Banks   Modular Designs for Future Upgrades


ULTRA AUDIO  " The NSL was one of the Best amplfiers i,ve ever heard "
State of the Art Design with 228 Op Amps in Parallel   Off Grid battery option for 24hours Operation or solar powered
can be configured for 500wpc into 0.5ohms 

Blue Circle NSL

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SB90T hybrid stereo power amplifier
If you want a taste of what Blue Circle hybrid power amplifier sound is like in an entry level unit then SB90T is the amp for you. 
Its power output is 90 watts 4ohm & 135wpc 8ohm  
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sb90t pwr amp front panel

SB100S 100 wpc stereo solid-state power amplifier

100 watts into 8 ohms. 150 watts into a 4 ohm load.

sb100s pwr amp front panel

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    Retail Price

    BC202 hybrid stereo power amplifier

    The BC202 outputs 125 watts into 8 ohms and 200 watts into 4 ohms per channel. It is a true balanced design from input to output with both positive and negative binding posts being "hot" with signal.

    The DC-coupled output stages local "on board" filtering capacitor is located less than an inch away from the actual output devices for better transient response. All control circuits are built in the analog domain.  

    BC202 power amp

    over 200,000uF in power supply filtering so you'll have no shortage of power  when the music demands

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    BC204 hybrid stereo power amplifier

    The BC204 is the smaller brother of the BC206. At 150 watts of high bias Class AB per channel the BC204 has almost everything its sibling the BC206 has.

    bc204 power amp

    Like the BC206, it uses a total of three power output modules per channel. It also has separate output, input tube stage and control power supplies , it's almost a BC206 in a smaller package!

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    BC206 hybrid stereo power amplifier

    This is the biggest stereo power amp from Blue Circle, at 180 watts high bias Class AB per channel.

    bc206 power amp

    It features: Blue Circle Audio True Balanced Output Technology, custom-designed ultra high-speed power supply filter capacitors in the high/low voltage supply, isolated power supply for the tube input stage, solid-state output stage and the control circuit has it own power transformer for total separation from the signal path. 

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    BC208 Hybrid Class AB full balanced mono power does not follow 

    the traditional rules of amplifier design

     bc208 power amp

    The difference between the BC208 and the other '200' series amplifiers is that it is a low gain high power amplifier. In fact it has the lowest voltage gain of any Blue Circle amplifier ever produced. With a low gain amplifier the preamplifier needs to produce a higher signal in order to get the same amount of power that you would get from a more conventional high gain amplifier. This approach is somewhat nontraditional but it results in a higher system signal-to-noise ratio yielding a quieter background, clearer image and more vivid focus.

    bc208 power amp

    Technical Information

  • mono hybrid power amplifier
  • 215 watt into 8 ohms, 430 watt into 4 ohms
  • uses (4) 6922 tubes for the input stage
  • total capacitance of over 1.2 Farad (1,200,000uF) both channels

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    BC3000Mk11 GZpz

    DUAL MONO VALVE PRE AMP with 6922 valves
    full size GZpz PSU
    The SBT valve Linestage Preamp

    SBT Preamp front

  • Line level inputs (optional additional inputs and loop inputs)
  • 1 Pre-amp output, valve complement: 2-6922
  • BC109 Preamplifier and CP1 and CP2 Capacitor Packs

     DUAL MONO with CP Super Caps power supply  BC109 is a simple yet elegant line stage preamp design that incorporates several elements that allow for a variety of ways to supply it with power.

    BC109 pre amp front

    The basic version of the BC109 is called the BC109*. It has over 110 Farads (110 million microfarads) of capacitance. It will play up to 3 hours without a/c power in one charge. With the CP1 capacitor pack, it totals 550 Farads and will play up to 15 hours. With the CP2, at a total of 1200 Farads, it can play well into the 20+ hours.

    The CP2 also has a built-in automatic charging circuit. It monitors the power supply in real-time and when it drops to a certain level, it will automatically engage the charge circuit so it will seamlessly maintain its power.

    With the CP2 capacitor pack installed, the user can actually calibrate the sound. You�ve probably heard the term "tube rolling" but how about IC rolling? The BC109 incorporates user-changeable ICs. This feature makes the BC109 well-suited to any system.  So why all that capacitance? First, it was designed to run on it own capacitors and not from the power grid. As a result, there is no hum, no buzz and by definition zero powerline noise! There�s no need for a powerline conditioner.

    Second, by using capacitors instead of conventional batteries, there is no complicated charging circuit to deal with. Unlike batteries, capacitors have no recharge memory. Capacitors charge to 100% every time. Batteries die a little every time they are charged.

     Capacitors also have a much longer life span than batteries. With 10 years of normal use, a BC109 would  use the equivalent of 21,900 AA alkaline batteries!

    As an additional feature, the BC109 can also be charged directly by other energy sources which makes it the very first unit of its kind that can operate totally "off" the power grid. It can be charged directly by a solar panel, a car battery, a windmill or any device that can output DC voltage. It can even be connected to the 12V socket in your car. Any  DC source from 10Vdc to 16Vdc can be used to charge the BC109.

    BC109 PreAmp back

    Standard Features

  • Dual differential balanced audio signal paths.
  • Dual decks - balanced 31 position Shallco attenuators with 2 level gain switches for a total of 62 settings. Direct path selector switch, this also allows the BC109 to be used as a final mixer in a multiple mixer set up.
  • Options  balanced 47 postion Shallco attenuators with 2 level gain switches for a total of 94 settings.Single four deck 31 or 47 position Shallco attenuator with 2 level gain switches with balance control. 

    Processor bypass loop. Remote volume control. USB input + digital output

  • Headphone jack output 12V socket and battery charger adaptor
  • Solar Panel charger adaptor.

  • BC301FY Preamplifier

    . The BC301FY is something of a departure.  no elegant cosmetic options offered. The BC301FY is housed in ABS. Although the appearance is novel the BC301FY is by no means a novelty product. This is a reference quality preamp - in an unusual enclosure.

    BC301FY PreAmp

    Yes. Those are ABS pipe caps and other plumbing accessories that you see in the above pic. What's important is what's inside those pipe caps. The sonic quality is more than worthy of a "BC" model. The BC301FY is equivalent in performance to 90% of the BC3000-GZpz but at a cost of over 40% less.

     The phonostage is a stripped down version of BC's best phonostage. The headphone amp is the best amp that can be built in this chassis design. The USB DAC is a new design specifically for this preamp.  They are all grade A parts that have accumulated in inventory from previous custom jobs. Blue Circle is passing on the savings to you. Modular Design For Add-ons/Upgrades

    The base preamp unit consists of four pipe caps. Individual modules can be added on when or if you want to upgrade. Phonostage, headphone amp, USB DAC and regular DAC are examples of add-ons. Buy what only what you need.

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  • BC3 Despina MKII and Galatea MKII single-ended or fully balanced tube linestage preamps

     The very first BC3 Despina  in 1992. Since then, it has been critically acclaimed and set many industry standards.  Blue Circle believed that the ulitmate goal of making a piece of audio equipment is to play music.

    BC3Mk2 PreAmp front

     5 line level inputs, dual Shallco attenuators, loop switches, and two preamp outputs.

    A major bonus with the MKII design is that these units also come configured in a fully balanced version. The number of line level inputs increases to a total of 3 in the balanced version.   theater bypass loop option available for a mutli-channel system.

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    BCG3 Power Supply

    BC3 power supplyBC3 power supply front

    When matched with the BCG3 the integrated preamp is called the BC3 DESPINA. The BCG3 comes in a  black metal case with an integrated cord that mates with the BC3.

    BC3 power rear

    High current toroid transformer

    • High speed switching diodes in the rectifier circuit   Massive filtering
    • Double reverse twisted D/C cord for RF noise suppression

    BCG3.1 Power Supply

    When matched with the BCG3.1 the integrated preamp is called the BC3 GALATEA. The BCG3.1 comes in a beautiful stainless steel case that matches the BC3. It has a detachable D/C cord custom manufactured for Blue Circle by Cardas Audio�.

    BCG3.1 power supply

    The BCG3.1 features:

    • Dual toroid transformers for greater current capability
    • Hexfed Ultrafast Soft Recovery rectifier diodes
    • 200% more high voltage filtering and 300% more filament filtering
    • All wiring past the transformer is by Cardas�
    • Integrated Power Line Pillow ac powerline conditioner

    BCG3.1 power supply front

    BCG3.1 power supply rear


    All BC3 preamplifiers are lovingly hand-crafted in solid hardwoods and stainless steel. Each individual piece is played and auditioned for a minimum of 50 hours. Each preamp is personally approved by the designer prior to shipping. Even the finest design coupled with the best components is nothing if the execution isn't there.

    Processor Loop Option

    • BC3PLS Linestage Tube Preamplifier

      The BC3PLS is the evolution of the venerable BC21.1 Popular though it was, the 21.1 chassis was not conducive to the upgrade path that Blue Circle likes to provide its owners. For example, it did not accommodate popular options such as the Shallco volume control or additional inputs and outputs, etc.


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      Two box design
      user adjustable 35dB  to 87dB Gain in six steps Internal cartridge R and C Loading
      Optional battery PSU with up to 22hours playback

      BC Li'l 703

      Single box version of BC703 in lower cost chassis requires a PSU wp5533b116.gif?244wp5533b116.gif?244

      BC707  BC709

      Solid state  Balanced design user adjustable MM & MC Gain 39dB to 60dB
      709 has upgraded ipower supply 


      Budget Audiophile solid state MM & MC phono stage 
      with adjustable 38dB to 60dB gain 
      part of the award winning Thingee full range of products
      supplied with standard PSU or modular/upgraded power supplies
      essentially 4 phono stages depending on which power supply is selected
      uses input stage from the BC703 and RIAA stage from BC707
      in a low cost 2 inch plastic drain pipe sealed in silicone
      four options on power supply standard , standard & SP Capacitor pack
      Biggie pipe , Biggie pipe and SP capacitor  pack  


      GDC Integrated Amplifier 
       Welcome to the GDC the newest Blue Circle entry level integrated amplifier.GDC Int Amp front
      95wpc stereo integrated amplifier
      Although it looks plain, the money is spent inside where it really counts. The whole point of entry level is to allow people to experience the pleasures of high end audio who ordinarily couldn't afford the cost of expensive.GDC Int Amp back
      Optional features
      USB input with built-in DAC for playing music and movie audio from computer
      RF remote volume control  JAFBP binding post   Tape loop Phono input feature 60dB and 38dB user adjustable gain.
      Stainless steel and wood control knobs   Stainless steel faceplate

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  • DAR Integrated Amp
  • Sparkling highs that make music come to life, a sweet inviting midrange, full-bodied palpable presence, and a rounded controlled bottom end are the hallmarks of the DAR's sound. The DAR will produce stunning, musical bass performance even when driving small stand-mounted monitor speakers but will also tame the overloading often associated with large woofer designs. All of these features combine to present the listener with an enjoyable musical experience.

    The DAR, a hybrid integrated amplifier with a 6SN7 tube at the input stage, produces 100 watts into 8 ohms and 150 watts into 4 ohms.  Its dual power supply allows the tube & output stages to function independently for better imaging and soundstage creation.

    DAR Int Amp

    The DAR's discrete circuitry creates smooth sparkling highs and a powerful-controlled bottom end. The circuitry utilizes two ultra high power bi-polar transistors for each channel to ensure that phase coherence is at its best . The over sized heat sink makes ensures that the output devices run at their optimum operating temperature.

    Most interestingly, the 6SN7 tube, seen in the following picture, is configured as a unity gain at the input stage. This innovative design feature optimizes the 6SN7 to take full advantage of its sonic signature. The DAR's circuitry is so transparent, it shows off the best of the 6SN7 and allows the seasoned audiophile to roll tubes and fine-tune this exceptional design to their personal preference.

    DAR Int Amp

  • 100 watts into 8 ohms, 150 watts into 4 ohms.
  • 3 line level inputs
  • tape or processor loop
  • 1 preamp output
  • Ground lift swtich
  • Earth Ground post

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    Affordable Audio: February 2008 issue

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    The even better news is that you can order the Shallco attenuator and remote volume control options. Yes, you can have both. Plus, you can choose to have either a balance control or dual Shallco attenuators.

    KATLAS Integrated Amplifier

    The Katlas is a 145 wpc integrated amplifier that shares it's sonic heritage with the GDC. With its extra power and  supply storage capacity, the Katlas has a more authoratative bottom end while retaining the overall balance. Its quick and transparent quality lets you hear through the performance and the venue acoustics. and strikes that perfect balance between delicacy and authority that will make you simply want to spend more time listening to music.

    Katlas Int Amp front

    standard Features

  • 3 Line level inputs    Ground Lift switch
  • Single Shallco attenuator with high/low level switch
  • JAFBP binding posts  Black metal faceplate
  • options

  • processor bypass loop   remote volume control
  • USB input with built-in DAC    remote volume control
  • tape loop      processor loop
  • phono input feature 60dB and 38dB user adjustable gain.
  • Stainless steel faceplate   various wood control knobs
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  • FtTH2

    90Wwpc stereo hybrid class AB with 6922 valve
    dual shallco  separate PSU or upgrade KQ power supply

    The Details
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  • BC501 Digital and Analog Convertor

    The BC501 is  a 24bit  DAC with AES/EBU RCA optional toshlink  USB and balanced XLRSimplicity, functionality and the ability to play music are what the BC501 is all about. There is one selector knob, one phase switch, and three small indicators for de-emphasis, phase and signal lock. 

    BC 501 DAC

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    BC501ob Digital and Analog Convertor

    Reference Two box version of the BC501 with  external power supply.

    BC 501ob front

    It has over 880,000 uF

    BC 501ob back

     The BC501ob employs dual DC powercords. One for analog and one for the digital domain.   Various faceplate and cover options available.


    24/192 Dac 4 inputs  balanced and single end outputs
     NOT all created equally.

    BC 509 front

    Blue Circle is known for their hand-crafted, state-of-the-art products and their DACs are no exception. Blue Circle does everything possible to ensure musical accuracy. Every signal trace on the BC509 circuitboard has been carefully designed and tested. The DAC microprocessor is not used in the control circuit. Why? The less the clock contaminates the signal the better. The unique analog output stage uses a design similar to those in Blue Circle's best solid-state preamp  While the heart of a DAC is it's microprocessor, the soul of the BC509 is it's power supply which has a filtering capacitance over 200,000uF. This is more than most 100 watt stereo power amps. 

    Inputs: Standard: (1) Toslink, (1) SPDIF, (1) AES/EBU

    Optional: USB 24/96 (will also support 16/44 and 16/48), USB 16/44, additional SPDIF

    Outputs:  Standard config: (1) pair of XLR balanced, (1) RCA unbalanced

    Optional features

    Manual or remote volume control BNC jack (replace RCA jack) for SPDIF input at no additional cost.

    USB Tunnel 24/96

    The USB tunnel 24/96 is a digital to digital converter. It is designed to be used as the INTERFACE between a USB port on a computer and an external Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). The USB Tunnel supports up to 24 bits/96 Khz, which is ideal for high resolution audio. The USB Tunnel also supports standard CD quality 16/44 resolution.

    Includes: SPDIF and AES/EBU Outputs Analogue Single-Ended (RCA) Outputs, 1/8" Headphone Jack

    USB Thingee

    We are proud to offer for sale the Blue Circle USB Thingee. This is the very same unit that recently received rave reviews in UHF Magazine.

    Read the GoodSound review.

    Briefly, if you have not yet heard the buzz about the USB Thingee, it is BC's affordable yet highly flexible 'swiss army knife' of DACs.

    USB thingee

    On one hand the USB Thingee allows you to connect your media PC, laptop or even home computer to your home audio system while bypassing the typically non-HiDef sound card. The USB Thingee allows you to take advantage of the added convenience of using your existing library of online music & video content. This is all made possible while not having to risk compromising your audio sound quality in the process.

    USB thingee

    Similarly this device allows you to use a laptop or home computer as an alternative to an expensive dedicated CD transport. In this method the PC & USB Thingee in tandem will work amicably with any existing external DAC that you already own. As if this was not enough the unit also contains an integrated 1/8" headphone connection.

    USB thingee

    This is all made possible by the internal reference DAC that resides inside the USB Thingee's minimalist exterior. To complete the package we offer the USB Thingee with optional AES/EBU & Toslink connections.

    USB HO thingee

    Why AES/EBU and Toslink Options?

    Toslink is used to connect to a home theater processor or receiver. These devices usually have digital inputs but many have only Toslink connectors. This allows you to play music or even internet radio on your Home Theater system.

    AES/EBU is handy for connecting laptops to various equipment such as a digital mixer.

    Don't let this unit's modest price fool you -- This device is truely a wolf in sheep's clothing. It offers remarkable sound quality and has successfully achieved the highest price-to-performance ratio of any product we've auditioned to date.

    Includes: USB Input, SPDIF Output, Analogue Single-Ended (RCA) Outputs, 1/8" Headphone Jack

     'FULL MONTY' Version as reviewed in UHF Magazine: .

    All of the Standard USB Thingee Connections PLUS:

    AES/EBU (XLR) Digital Output, Toslink Digital Output

    NEW Options/Addons

    Ask us about the optional built-in volume control upgrade, available with all Thingee versions.

     for the high output version...approximately 3V. This is enough to drive any power amp or integrated amp with passive preamp. You get a full-featured USB DAC in a very compact package with a separate power supply.

    for the "beefy"/biggie pipe separate power supply. A separate power supply provides the best possible sound. It has an IEC connector so that users can provide their power cord of choice.

    If you already have a regular USB Thingee but want the higher output there's no need to get the USB Thingee HO. Now you can get the USB HO Attachment  and convert your USB Thingee to the HO version. Just plug the attachment into the output of the regular USB Thingee and hook up the power supply. It comes with the standard Thingee power supply. The upgraded Biggie Pipe power supply is also compatable with the USB HO Attachment.

    Please read the reviews and make your best decision. The units do what their features and specifications say they do and they do it well.

    Read the SoundStageAV USB Thingee review.

    BC95 analog interconnects and BC96 digital interconnects
     Like the BC91 and BC92 speaker cables, the BC95 analog and BC96 digital interconnects were designed strictly for performance and affordability. These cables may look plain and don't glow in the dark, but they can really transfer music from one component to the another. That's all that's needed from a good cable.  
    BC95 inter connect


    BC6000 Audiophile Version

    If you have ever performed or recorded in live situations you know that one of the biggest variables is the quality of AC power at a live venue. And let's face it, live recording means you have one shot to get it right, and the last thing you need to worry about is hums, buzzes, pops, clicks and other noise that you just don't need on a recording. 
    BC6000 front panel

    Enter the BC6000 Powerline Filter/Conditioner.

    The BC6000 is designed to be a high performance, high efficiency power line filter/conditioner, built specifically to handle the unpredictability of AC power quality in any room that you may encounter. No matter the quality of the AC power the wall socket, the BC6000 will be able to provide you with a good clean power source.

    BC6000 filter pic

    The BC6000 is a no compromise and unique design. It uses a total of 157 individual filters, strategically placed to cover the widest possible frequency range. There are double wire runs to all three 20A Hospital Grade Duplex outlets, and triple parallel wiring in each filter to prevent even the tiniest bit of noise from passing through. The BC6000 includes a standard 20A Neutrik Powercon twist connector and BC62 premium power cord to ensure the best possible AC power transfer, with no chance of the accidental "unplugging" that can occur with IEC sockets.

    The BC6000 can literally be placed in any location; behind a shelf, upside down, on it's side, or even covered by curtains. It is designed to withstand the highest degree of physical and electrical abuse. An enormous amount of redundancy and backup (need we say overkill?) have been built into the BC6000 so that it will provide clean AC power anytime, anywhere. So, hand it a poor AC feed, stuff it behind your equipment and let it do "it's thing" - you'll see what we mean.

    For the technically inclined (and the curious), here is some BC6000 technical BC6000 info that you may find interesting:

    A triple buss bar has been utilized to eliminate unwanted inductance and ensure optimum power transference. The 157 individual filters are carefully chosen and physically installed in specific combination to form a string of filters covering a frequency range from 120Hz to over 50GHz. Additionally, a high-pressure contact A/C power toggle switch is used for its ability to handle unlimited current flow.

    The entire filter network is submerged in a silicone casing to eliminate mechanical vibration. Only high purity soft copper is connected to the filter network, thus avoiding any vibration transfer via the connection, and further enhancing the effectiveness of the filters.

    The BC6000 uses only the best Hubbell hospital grade duplex outlets to ensure maximum gripping pressure to the power cord prongs. And in case you are concerned about which outlet is best suited for which component, and isolation between digital and analog outlets, don't be. Many pro audio components mix digital and analog technology together. The only way to deal effectively with these devices is to create a "black hole" for noise. This is what the BC6000 was designed to do, and is incredibly capable at this job. It completely eliminates any noise and leaves you with clean power no matter what you plug into it.

    The BC6000 doesn't stop at cleaning the incoming AC power. It also cleans up the digital noise generated by the components plugged into it. This makes the BC6000 particularly effective for audio/video use, since there is no longer any worry about which component should be plugged into which outlet. Simply plug in whatever component you like into whichever outlet you want, then sit back and enjoy completely noise-free entertainment.

    Read the Stereo Times review.

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    For recording and mixing engineers who work in studios and on location, good equipment and excellent technique is only the beginning. In order to have a equipment synergy the engineer must have a proper ground for all of their equipment. However, the BC6000PRO is more than just a rack mount version of the BC6000 audiophile version. The built-in GFCI ensures that the power is cut off if there are any malfunctioning grounds in the studio or remote performing location. When there is a grounding malfunction, the GFCI will trip and the Blue Circle logo will turn off to indicate the output power is shut off. The green LED remains on as long as input power is present.

    The fuse surge protection circuit will protect all of your expensive gear during a voltage surge in the power line. The BC6000PRO has all the essential features that a power line conditioner needs for recording and mixing use. Since the BC6000PRO doesn't produce any heat, it can be mounted anywhere in the rack. It only occupies 2U and can be expanded up to 14 outlets with an external power bar. This power bar can be purchased later as an add-on accessory. You can start with a basic 6-outlet unit and get the external power bar when you need it.

    Whether you are a professional touring musician, or a weekend warrior, the BC6000PRO can literally save your life. When was the the last time that you were certain that your amps and PA equipment were plugged into a properly grounded outlet in a club, restaurant, or an outdoor event? When was the last time you got a hum if your fingers were not touching the strings? When was the last time you got shocked because you were playing or singing with a mike and you touched someone else? These are all symptoms of improperly grounded, and thus potentially dangerous circuits.

    A BC6000PRO can be a lifesaver. Its built-in GFCI circuit will trip and cut off the power before you get hurt. Outdoor events are the most potentially dangerous. Many are powered by a generator and are run by some well-meaning volunteer who doesn't understand or know how to connect a generator properly. If the generator is not connected to a proper ground point, plugging your guitar amp into the generator outlet and stepping on some wet grass or a damp concrete platform, will cause the leaking current to surge through your body and cause pain. This can cause serious injury or even be fatal. The BC6000PRO will shut off the power and save your life.

    One BC6000PRO will be enough for the entire band. Your fellow band members will thank you for the cleaner power and for the improved sound. If you explain to them why you purchased a BC6000PRO they might even thank you for saving their lives.

    BC6000 PRO front panel

    Does the BC6000PRO make your music sound better?

    If it did not improve the sound our audiophile clientele wouldn't buy it and we wouldn't be making it. That is the short answer, but here is the long answer. Experienced guitarists have told us that when they plugged their amplifiers into the BC6000PRO they didn't have to pick as hard to achieve the sound intensity that they were striving for. They found that they could play longer without fatigue. They also felt that the sound was bigger and richer when the BC6000PRO was in their set up. This same sonic improvement applies to keyboards and PA systems as well. You still have to press your keyboard keys, but the sound is clearer and grain-free. That is the result of a clean power line.

    In the studio, recording and mixing engineers can expect to hear what they are really recording and mixing. The cleaner power line results in more detail, and less grain and haze. Today, digital and high frequency noise is in every power line. This digital noise is made even worse by the digital signal being dumped back into the power line by other digital circuits in the chain. The BC6000PRO cleans up this digital noise by being a "sink" for noise. How, is this possible?

    Noise finds its way into low impedance sources. The BC6000PRO, being an extremely low impedance source, will suck all the noise into its filters and turn it into heat and dissipate it harmlessly leaving only a beautifully quiet background for the music.

    BC6000 Pro back panel

    The BC6000PRO uses Hubbell hospital grade outlets. The Hubbell outlets have almost 8 times more plug gripping power than outlets used in most power conditioner designs. The use of the Hubbell outlets alone will improve connectivity and ensure better power transfer to your gear. Hubbell outlets are also used in the optional extension bar. Both the BC6000PRO and the optional extension bar come with a standard 14-gauge 6ft power cord. Longer lengths are available upon request for a nominal charge. Any length longer than 6ft will be supplied with a 12-gauge power cord (up to 50ft in length).

    BC6000Si A/C Powerline Filter/Conditioner

    BC6000Si 2 outlet version

    BC6000si 2 outlet

  • 2 6 12 & 14 outlet version 
  • Options

  • Stainless steel or black Plexiglas faceplate available at the same cost.
  • Stainless steel cover available  Rack mount kit available 
  • Standard IEC ac power inlet also available for those who want to use their own power cord.
  • Sillycone Filters

    The filter multipler is based on the amount of filtering compared to the award-winning, critically-acclaimed BC86MK3. The filter technology is based upon the BC6000 filtering technology.

    Sillycone Pwr Conditioner


  • 6x filter 12x filter 18x filter 

  • PLC (powerline conditioner) Thingee

    Someone on the BC forum recently suggested that they make a powerline conditioner using the same technology as the BC6000 but in a "thingee-like" pipe. Gilbert thought that it was such a good idea that he immediately got to work and by that afternoon, a 4 outlet production version was completed.

    Left is the 6 outlet and right is the 4 outlet version.

    PLC Power Conditioner

    The IEC power inlet end. Left, 6 outlets; right 4 outlets.

    PLC Power Conditioner

    Both PLC versions have filtering equivalent to three BC86MKIIIs. It is a non-current limiting design so that high current power amps can be plugged into the PLC while maintaining sonic dynamics. A double run of 14 awg solid copper wire between filters to further reduce resistance.

    The power inlet is directly soldered onto the copper wires. Since the PLC Thingee is so compact, the power path is extremely short and therefore further minimizes the resistance between the power inlet and outlets. With the silicone-filled 4" PVC pipe it is very strong. It can be installed behind any equipment rack and you don't have to worry about anything sitting on top of the unit and causing it damage.

    There's no need to be concerned that the PLC Thingee will "roll around." Once you have anything plugged into it, it will stay put, especially with an audiophile-grade power cord. It comes with an 16awg standard power cord just to get you started. Once you have heard the sonic benefits of clean power, an upgraded power cord, such as the BC61 or BC62, will further improve the sound.

    "4 outlets: ; 6 outlets: 

    The PLC (powerline conditioner) Thingee FX2

    The PLC FX2 has twice the powerline filtering capacity as the standard PLC.


    Yalo Bulala

    The Yalo Bulala is designed to protect ANY electrical appliance, including audio/video components, refrigerator, sump pump, etc. by forcing a circuit breaker where the appliance is plugged in to trip upon encountering a potentially damaging power surge.

    The Yalo Bulala provides a low impedance path above a certain set voltage. Its TVS Avalache diode takes out the small spikes and its MOV shorts itself out during a big surge, thereby tripping the circuit breaker for the outlet where it is plugged in. If this event ever occurs, the Yalo Bulala has done its job and you'll need to replace it with a new one to reprotect that circuit.

    A Yalo Bulala plugged into a power bar or a standard duplux outlet will actually "see" a surge before anything else plugged into that outlet. Another way to look at it is that a high voltage surge is always "looking" for a low impedance path to follow.

    Does the Yalo Bulala work better then the surge protection in on BC6000, PLC, or other Blue Circle anti-surge product? No. It simply works.

    Yelo Bulala Surge Protector

    The problem with typical surge protection that sits between the power source and components, is that the sound is degraded. Some devices slow down the current which kills the music dynamics. One or more Yalo Bulalas can be used in various outlets throughout a residence. If you're using a power bar, one plugs into one of its outlets and another plugs into the same circuit in a different duplex outlet. This will provide two low impedance paths for the surge to follow when/if it occurs.

    Want to protect your entire residence? Plug at least 1 Yala Bulala into every electrical circuit. Your circuit breaker panel should be labeled with the rooms protected by various breakers.

     BC86MK5 BC86PC, and the BC606 are all non current-limiting filter-based products. Each has its own strengths. They can be used separately and together and also may be used with BC6000 and Music Ring products.

    BC86MK5 Noisehound

    The MK5 steps up from the MKIII and has 50% more filtering than the MKIII and ADDS the Yalo Bulala for surge protection. The surge protection design uses MOV and TVS avalanche diodes. The TVS removes little spikes and uses the MOV for the "big" surge. It has a shorter power cord for more effective filtering.

    BC86V conditioner

    It's also a light-weight design so it can "dangle" from a wall outlet. The ABS pipe construction saves you money.

     BC92 Speaker Cables

    Blue Circle BC92 spkr cables

     Blue Circle Audio designed these speaker cables he had two things in mind, reasonable cost and musical enjoyment. Forget all the cable hype and snake oil. These speaker cables really are neutral and let your music shine through.

    Other optional features: Bi-wired, Spades or banana plugs

     10awg power cords

    There are two reasons why Blue Circle power cords have been accepted by so many audiophiles as their reference standard power cord. First, Blue Circle power cords are unquestionably among the best power cords at their price points. In fact, they out perform many that cost a great deal more.

    Second, besides allowing your components to sound their best they are also amazingly flexible. For example, even though the BC62 is a 10awg power cord and it can easily bend around tight corners. It can even coil up in a 2.5" diameter circle. This is amazing for a 10awg power cord. If you want to keep your cables neat and tidy but want to get the best from your components, these power cords are the best.

    The BC61 and BC62 also work GREAT with professional sound gear including power amps, mixers, keyboard, bass guitar and guitar amps.

    BC62 reviews can be seen by clicking on the links below:

    Audio Review


    BC63 and BC64

    The BC63 and BC64 are identical to the 61 and 62, but with some added features. Both these power cords have a control box integrated into the power cord. Each control box has two switches. The first switch is a two-position switch that allows the user to lift the ground connection. This is very useful in hunting down ground loop problems. The second switch is a three-position switch that allows the user to reverse the line polarity. Position one is normal (live-to-live, neutral-to-neutral). The center position is open, to prevent arcing during transition. The third position is reverse polarity (live-to-neutral, neutral-to-live). Not all homes are wired correctly, and some components are very sensitive to line polarity. We have had very positive feedback from professional installers about the usefulness of these features.

    BC63_BC64 power cord


    The BC65 is an extension cord based on the BC62. The only difference is that the IEC plug has been replaced with a cable-mount hospital grade receptacle.

    All power cords, and the extension cord, come in a standard length of six feet (1.83 m). If this length does not meet your needs then we would be happy to custom build a power cord or extension cord to your specifications. The maximum length for any of these cords is thirty feet (9.15 m). E-mail us directly with your custom length power cord requirements.

    We recommend that the BC62 and BC64 be used for high current-draw applications like power amps. We have also seen some surprising improvements by using the BC61 and BC63 on digital equipment such as DACs, transports and DVDs. We would also like to suggest that a high quality powerline conditioner, such as one of the Music Rings, should be used in conjunction with any power cord for best performance.


    The BC68MkII with Inline Filter

    is an improved version of the original BC68. Instead of the original built in line-conditioner equivalent to two BC86 MKII noisehounds, the filtering has been increased to three BC86MKIII....three time as much as the original BC68!

    The MKII also has an LED power indicator. It is designed to glow just enough to inform the user there is power flowing. Optional surge protection is available. The filter is potted in silicone just like the original. However, the MKII uses more durable ABS pipe casing that is more durable than the original aluminium box.


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